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Thank you for visiting Cosmetic Dentist Washington DC. We have carefully designed it for you to research cosmetic and fine restorative dentistry. You can to view before and after photos of people who have had both elective cosmetic dentistry and fine restorative dentistry completed and read or hear their stories. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile and we are here to help you achieve your goals of both health and beauty.

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I graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in 1984 and went into practice in rural Southern Maryland (Dunkirk, Calvert County, MD) As my practice grew I embarked on a course of advanced dental education that included cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry.

I taught at the Dental School for five years and was President of the Dental Society in 1994. Over the course of my career I mentored several dental students many of whom practice here in the Washington DC area and many other who practice across the country-most are some of the finest dentists I know today.

The course of my studies have included the study of Occlusion or Neuromuscular Dentistry- this is the study of the bite and how it not only works but how it's function is integrated with the muscular system and the skeletal system. Over the course of my career I have helped many people eliminate jaw pain, TMJ and eliminate headaches.

Over the course of many years my practice grew because of referrals from patients I had helped and who had results that were lasting a long long time. About one third of my practice was spent re-doing dentistry that had been done improperly and had been referred to me by specialists in the area who were also patients in our practice. We enjoy our reputation as the Dentist's Dentist as we see many dentists and their families in our practice here in Alexandria, Virginia/Metropolitan Washington.

It was seven years ago that I opened our current practice here In the Metro area. I specifically designed this practice to cater to the needs of discriminating adult patients who desired to have a healthy and honest relationship with their dental care team and whose restorative needs and cosmetic dental needs could be taken care of in an environment of honesty, integrity and caring.

Over the course of those seven years my team an I have continued on a path of advanced training and offer to our guests and friends of the practice our very best and highest level of private and individualized care. You are the focus of our practice and we always will act in your very best interest in helping you make choices about your dental health.

I invite you to surf through our site, learn more about us and the people we serve and to give us a call to schedule your own private appointment with me. I assure you that it will be unlike any other medical or dental visit you have ever had.


Charles Varipapa, DDS

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