Sleep Dentistry

sleep dentistry DC

Don't let anxiety or worries keep your from getting the dental treatment you need. Sleep dentistry is a popular option that we offer. Dr. Varipapa has earned a special permit which allows him to perform sleep dentistry right here in our Washington DC office.

The Sleep Dentistry Process

Sleep dentistry is different from sedation dentistry. Sleep options include oral sedatives, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia. Dr. Varipapa will discuss the many options available with you during your consultation.

We also highly recommend sleep dentistry as an option for patients that are fearful of dental procedures and have anxiety about going to the dentist. Sleep dentistry leaves patients feeling anxiety free. Many patients with a low-pain threshold are very please with this option. Sleep dentistry also works well for patients with anxiety regarding lengthy dental procedures.

Completely Safe

Our experts at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are able to determine who is a good candidate for sleep dentistry. We continually monitor you during the entire procedure using EKG, heart rate monitors and blood pressure monitors. There is always staff on standby in case of any type of emergency. The staff of professionals at our Washington DC dentist office take their time in discussing sleep dentistry with each patient so that you have the utmost faith in the procedure.

Our patients receive the finest dental care avalable. Now patients can have procedure performed without the potential anxiety that may have been preventing them from getting that smile makeover. Sleep dentistry is completely safe and is a preferred option for many of our clients. Sleep dentistry will help you cope with your fears and open up a path to total oral health. Contact us today for more information regarding sleep dentistry options.

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